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Welcome to VectorINK!

This is a 'VECTOR only' group, that means we only accept artworks made with vector programs such as Illustrator, CorelDraw...
This also means we don't take vexels or other pixel generated artworks, apart from mixed media with emphasis on vector elements of course.
If you'd like to submit vexels check out the PenTool Masters.

VectorINK's motive is to unite vector artists, gather vectors from around the globe,
inspire and stay up to date with the latest vector vibes.

VectorINK is not just another 'vector bin' where everybody can throw their vectors in it.
We give priority to certain styles, for instance:
- we love character design, monsters, abstract, cartoons, typography, urban vibes, vector scenes, ...
- we hate reality (that means: photorealistic vectors, stock image traces,...)

and we'd like you to give us your best! ;)

So welcome aboard!
Have fun and keep it fresh!

Big UPs to all those who keep the group alive: Moderators, contributors, regulators, ... :D
So, after a long time finally we can invite you vector guys to participate this awesome collaboration! The collab is simple but will be so awesome if you guys particpate ;)

Here is the details about this collab:

1. collaboration is up for 10 people, so if you really want to participate just comment here and we will see your style is unique or not then invite you to join in :) If we don't get 10 people with style in 1 week, this collaboration will be automativally cancelled

2. the collaboration is on the very loong canvas which later will be filled with your stuff.. the resolution of overall the collaboration is about 9000x2500px remember! don't use texture or gradient background! Keep the BG pure white!! coz on white BG people will see clearly the different style of us :beer: So, the BG/BackGround will be white

3. about the stuff you will make for collab, highly recomended to make the composition on the center to make the blending more easy and cool. Don't make anything cropped, okay?

4. save in .psd file then send your .psd to Remember again! I will not do any harm or copyrigth violation with your vector, everything is save in me ;)

5. about the deadline about submitting your piece for collab, we can talk it after we get 10 people ready. Be serious okay!

The collaboration is about "mixing your style and be different with others" so, be sure to make your vector really really unique :heart:

If you have time to see the group profile after see this journal, you better try and give your opinion here.. Tee Heee, we have "visitor bar" so we will see you who ignore this journal hahahaa... kidding :slow:

if you have any questions just ask by commenting here.

we wait your interest vector guys!

best regards

VectorINK administration/gallery moderator

Okay, we got 4 people and I will change the position of them to co-founder.. but seems the system won't allow me up so it needs a time, be patient guys :) Now the chance to be co-founder is closed!

the reason before:

hey guys and gals! it's been a while since the last blog, okay because the activity especially the core admins (founder and co-founder) are pretty away (Kloud is burning because of summer, lol peace man) also the co-founder is busy with his artgroups, so we decided to choose some of you (members or contributor) to be co-founder of this group....
being co-founder is really great! you can do some features that all of contributors can't, for exaples:

1. you have permission to control/change all of the settings.
2. you can send the invitations to another vector artists.
3. you can edit all of the galleries.
4. you can send the affiliations to another group
5. you can add more logical rules for vectorINK
6. you can modify the page position
7. you can conquer allll!!!!

but with those, you must do a jobs like these:

1. reply all comments on the main page.
2. you must control the gallery and moderate that! for expample, of one of the submission gets DD, you must move that to DD folder also if you think the submissions are not the right folder, you must move those.
3. if one of the accepted submissions you think don't deserve to be in the gallery you may remove that (but remember, don't do that based form personal but from standart)
4. if member asks why his/her submission gets declined, of course you must answer that with constructive feedback.
5. if you vote no to the submissions or admin applicants, please give the reason why you vote no on the private discussion.
6. must be active!!! if you away for a week, you'll be kicked out from co-founder!

I (encoretheangel) have my own candidates, but that will be really fair if we open an application also I made this blog is for knowing, how much people will be interested with this if the responce is pretty lack I will close and delete this blog.

so, no need to send us note or re-apply to be admins, just comment here if your are interested!! I will choose, then send the invitation then annouce that in the next blog...
I'm sorry, the position of GMs will be changed to this :( but if you, GMs still want to be co-founder, let's aply here!

I just need 5 co-founders :)

I wait your responce guys! and about the events for vectorINK (the last blog) we are still discussing, so please be patient that will be great :)

thanks for reading! have a nice day! ;)
Hey, Vector masters! How are you all? Of course you all are in the very very very good condition! Okay let's talk to the point.. I'm just planning to make some little event in our group but dunno must to plan (I'm lil bit stuck lately) So, do guys have a brilliant idea to make some little but wow event in our group? Honestly, just submit and submit again is really boring activity so I wanna make some fresh event which everyone can participate, so no declining at that event just having fun! If you all have an idea please comment here, then will be discussed.

Ah, actually I just have one plan --> Make a theme then every members will be working on it (but that's not a fresh idea)

I wanna hear your voice!
Vector is ours!! It's your freedom to speak :megaphone:

Oh ya! and once again, If you have a tutorial in your gallery please submit to folder "Tutorial and Resources" Every tutorial will be automatically accepted (not declining at tutorial coz tutorial is made from us to us by us) So, submit nooow and share your technique! ;)

HAve a nice day! :wave:
:bulletblue:Message to the All family of VectorINK:bulletblue:

Okay, we have changed our setting because Contributors especially GMs can't vote and don't get any notifications of the member's submissions. That is because only Featured folder is open and GMs are not allowed to vote the submissions in the Featured folder (Except founder and co-founder). To make it all clear, I will go to the point and here you are :

1. Please submit your vector in the specific folder in our gallery, Featured folder is not allowed.
2. Please be patient, because it needs 3 votes from Me, Kloud, and GMs (Other contributors can vote too if they want)
3. If your works are Declined, please don't be fret! That doesn't mean your works are ugly. We don't only need high quality but also unique :)
4.Have Fun!


Give a warm welcome to our new GM :

Now, they can work as GM! Remember the rules and the terms, if you`all don't understand some of the rules you may ask here.

Good luck with your job! We expect more from you guys! ciao! :wave:

The jobs :

1. help to vote the submissions
2. help to vote applicants, remember to give the reason why you vote accept or decline. It all is about feedback :)
3. controlling the gallery, if you find something wrong you're able to correct the problems or errors.
4. have fun! :boogie:

hmmm, interested to be GM too? just comment here and let's see how it works!
or do you have questions? just ask here too!

PS : you must be an active contributor to be a part of GM :)